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Bill Payment

Please log into our system at in order to view important information regarding making payments through the Chesapeake Ranch Water Company portal. 

Secure Bill Payment

Dear Customers:

It has come to our attention that there is a bill payment service called Doxo out there that is collecting payments on behalf of Chesapeake Ranch Water Company.  Although this company is  a legitimate bill payment system, it is not a bill payment gateway that CRWC recommends.  As our customers know, CRWC does not charge a fee to make payments on our website or when customers call up and pay over the phone.  However, the Doxo company in fact does charge a fee for their service.  I have seen the fee as much as $3.99 per transaction.  The only way to prevent you from getting tricked into using the Doxo service is to make sure that you type in our web address directly into the address bar.  If you do use a search engine to help find us, make sure that you do not click on the link that includes the Doxo in the web address.  Chesapeake Ranch Water Company web address is

An example of what Doxo web address would look like is:

As I stated above, even though Doxo appears to be a  legitimate bill system, if you use their site to make the payments to Chesapeake Ranch Water Company, you are going to be charged a service fee for this.  In addition, Chesapeake Ranch Water Company does not receive the payment right away.  It may in fact take up to two weeks before the Doxo Company will in turn mail us a check for your payment.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.


Thank you




New Bills

The new bills have been uploaded to the website.  Please log on to review your bill

Urgent Message to CRWC Customers

Phone scammers posing as representatives of Calvert County Government Water & Sewage Division and Chesapeake Ranch Water Company have been targeting some water and sewer customers.  A few customers have received threatning calls or messages to immediately pay their water and sewer bills or their service will be shut off.

Please do not fall for these scams.  If you receive a phone call from a name or number you do not recongizie, use caution.

Be assured that Chesapeake Ranch Water Company will never:

  • Demand immediate payment over the phone or by email
  • Ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone or by email
  • Verify your idenity by asking for personal and financial information
  • Require you to use a specific payment method to settle your account balance, such as a prepaid debit card or credit card
  • Threaten to immediately bring in local police or other law-enforcemnt groups for not paying.

If you receive a call and believe it is not legitimate, please hang up and call the Chesapeake Ranch Water Company at 410-326-4122.  We will discuss your account and payment options with you.


New CCR Report

You can now view and download the 2014 Chesapeake Ranch Water Company Consumer Confidence Report.

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